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Kuroi ame  

Kuroi ame

    Quality: Movie quality DVDRip/BDRip Line dubbed  
Mr and Mrs Shizuma, and their niece Yasuko, make their way through the ruins of Hiroshima, just after the atomic bomb has dropped. Five years later, Yasuko is living with her aunt and uncle, and her senile grandmother, in a village containing many of the bomb survivors. Yasuko does not appear to be affected by the bomb, but the Shizuma's are worried about her marriage prospects, as she could succumb to radiation sickness at any time. Written by Will Gilbert

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Genre: Drama  | Länge: 123 min  | Land/Jahr: Japan/1989
Regie: Shôhei Imamura  |  Schauspieler: Yoshiko Tanaka , Kazuo Kitamura , Etsuko Ichihara